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Distributed Products


BP International Trading

We are located in Panama, the center of financial and commerce in Latin America, and we serve the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Our company has an exclusive business with world renowned companies. BP offers financial support, timely deliveries and high quality products. 

We have a wide network of agents and distributors in the various regions dedicated to promote our services and products. BP has facilities in Milan and China created in order to better handle our relations with our european and asian suppliers.

BP offers access to the global chemical market with the assistance of our chemical experts and advisers. Our company has an efficient support in each step of the operations and financial access to the world chemical market from our strong organization.

We add value to your business with our technical support handling by professionals in the chemistry field. Our global partners are companies with the best reputation in the chemical market, this guaranty you that the products that we offer has high standards of quality.

If you need a distribution channel ir our area or you need any chemical products, please feel free tu contact us: we are the right choice.